Wedding Planning Tips

There is nothing more magical than planning your wedding. Although it can be one of the best moments of your life, the preparations for a wedding can be quite stressful. According to expert wedding planners, it takes about 12 to 18 months to prepare for a wedding. So, how do you take the stress out of wedding planning?

Make a date
One of the biggest mistakes a newly engaged couple makes is putting off the wedding date decision. It is important to put a date down in stone and let your guests know when you will be tying the knot. Some guests will have to make travel arrangements, so the sooner they know, the better the event will be. Sending out your save-the-date cards once you solidify the big day is a way to let your guests know you have settled on a date.

Budget, budget, budget
Just as important as setting a date, creating the budget is vital to making sure you can afford all the things your wedding needs. Flowers, musicians and food all cost a pretty penny; so, deciding on how much you can spend will keep costs from rising. Or worse, you running out of money.

Write everything down
If you can’t afford a wedding planner to take the load off of your shoulders, you will have to take charge. Create a binder or notebook that has all of the wedding planning information in it. From dates to appointments, you should have everything written down.

Support network
Your bridal party is your support network that will help you get through the day. In many cases, the bride’s bridesmaids have the most important job of the two bridal parties. These brave, dedicated souls must not only keep the bride looking good during her big day; but they must organize much of the pre-wedding get togethers. Select your bridal party carefully, and pick people you cannot only trust, but can execute the plans on the day.

Create a schedule
Once you have organized the first three steps, you can begin to put the pieces in place for the actual day. Making a schedule is important for you planning as well. By scheduling when everything is to happen, you will have tasks done in order and on time.

Share the duties
Remember, a wedding takes two people, so share the duties of planning with each other. By taking on too much wedding planning work, you will merely cause yourself more stress before your big day. Make sure your fiancé is a part of the preparations. It isn’t just your fiancé you should delegate tasks to. You are only two people, so be ready to delegate jobs to your parents, siblings or bridesmaids. It will take the stress off of you and make preparations easier.

Stay in contact
As the wedding date gets closer, it is important to stay in contact with people who will make the big day special. This can be vendors you have hired to guests who haven’t RSVP-ed. Within the last two months, get in touch with each vendor to make sure they are prepared and are ready to proceed. In the case of guests, contact those that haven’t returned an RSVP and confirm their attendance.

Preparing for a wedding is one of the biggest tasks you can take on. With a few simple tips, you can be ready for your big day with minimal stress.

6 Unique Wedding Ideas

A wedding is the culmination of a relationship between two people and an event in which two lives become one. A wedding is a special day that is made even more special by having friends and family come together. But how do you make your wedding stand out from the pack? Here are six unique wedding ideas to make your special day an even more memorable one.

Pre-wedding cocktails
While the guests are arriving for the wedding ceremony, why not make sure they are adequately hydrated? Serving pre-ceremony cocktails is one way to get guests into the wedding mood. Serving light, refreshing cocktails will give them the chance to unwind. The stronger drinks can wait until the reception.

Invite friends to play music at the wedding
What is better than surrounding yourself with friends and family at your wedding? The answer: Ask the more musical ones to bring their instruments and play at the reception. Your pack of friends can play some tunes when the band or DJ takes a break. If your friend is a talented singer, let them front the band. It is just another unique wedding idea to bring your friends together.

Child-friendly children’s tables or babysitters
Plenty of couples bring their children to a friend or family member’s big day. Unfortunately, the kids may not be engaged in the entire affair. Adding some children-friendly items to the children’s tables are a great way to keep the kids active and from spoiling your wedding. If you want to go one further, why not hire a babysitter or two for your wedding? If the venue for your ceremony has a side room, set up a makeshift creche with a television, DVD player, coloring books, games and whatever else you can think of.

Video confessional booth
Set up a video booth off to the side of the reception where guests can hop inside and leave a quick video message. There is nothing better than watching your friends well wishes and cheeky messages once you return from your honeymoon.

Tasting bar
If you love your whiskey, wine or craft beers, why not set up a tasting bar with unique flavors for all your guests? Contact a local distillery or beer producer for some great libations. Guests can sample the various drinks at the bar and buy any they truly fancy. It is a great way to introduce your guests to beverages you love. You may even have a difficult time pulling yourself away from the bar.

Record every moment with a journalist
Bartlebys offers couples a truly unique wedding idea. Couples can hire a professional journalist to experience the wedding, take notes and craft a professionally written story about the event. The Bartlebys’ journalist will interview the guests, couple and family to bring together a story of love. The unique wedding idea is perfect for couples who want to savior their special day in a completely different way.

6 Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

A sweet 16 birthday party is a major milestone for a young lady. No matter where you live, a sweet 16 is special and an event most girls will remember for the rest of their lives. But how do you make it special and unforgettable? Here are six sweet 16 ideas that will make any young woman’s birthday a hit.

Hollywood red carpet party
Invite your daughter’s friends over for a Hollywood red carpet party. Have all of the kids dress up in their best dresses and suits to look like Hollywood stars. Roll out a red carpet for them and have them strut their stuff as they enter your house. If the weather permits, hang Chinese lanterns in the back garden and set up a film projector to show your daughter’s favorite films.

Super sweet sixteen Luau
If your daughter was born in the summer, why not take full advantage of the warm weather? Set up tiki torches in the back garden along with some palm trees to give it a completely tropical feel. Of course, the barbecue or pig roast is optional, but have the kids dress in beach wear for a real cool sweet 16 party.

Cluedo sweet sixteen
Create a mystery for your daughter’s sweet 16 and make it an event she will never forget. Set up the house for a dinner party complete with finger foods and mocktails. But just before dinner, something happens. Perhaps a murder or a robbery by one of the guest. Let your daughter and her friends attempt to solve the crime and find out just who is the guilty guest.

Sweet sixteen messages
There is nothing better than getting birthday wishes from your friends. One unique sweet 16 idea is to cut a piece of butcher’s paper to cover a table. Place crayons, markers or glitter pens on the tables and let your daughter’s friends go crazy writing messages and birthday wishes. Once the party is over, your daughter can hang, what is essentially a birthday card from her friends, in her bedroom.

Limo and a night on the town
For some teenagers, there is nothing more glamourous than a limo ride and a night out. Book a limo to pick your daughter and a handful of friends up at your house – or possibly a hotel. The party will then be transported out on to the town for dinner and a movie. After the film, the party is whisked away to grab ice cream before returning home.

Hire a journalist
Bartlebys allows you to hire a professional journalist to write an authentic story about your daughter’s sweet 16. The company’s journalist will interview friends, family and your daughter about her sweet 16 party and write up a professional article on the event. It is a unique sweet 16 idea that provides a modern twist on a classic event.