Why Bartelbys?

  • 1Professional journalist records & crafts the story of your eventHave a talented journalist tell your story through interviews & chronicles.
  • 2Great for any event From recording a launch party to making your sweet sixteen more fun with the VIParty treatment.
  • 3Make your event uniqueHelp your event stand out. Let your guests know your event is special.


about us & pricing

Bartlebys provides journalists, photographers, videographers and reporters for private and corporate events. Bring your ideas – whatever they may be – and we’ll deliver everything you need.


Journalist & Chronicle: $449 + $70/hr of on site recording
– Journalist will attend & record your event
– Digital delivery of a custom-formatted chronicle
– A photographer will accompany the journalist to capture photos of your event for your story: $80/hr
– Framed copy of your chronicle: $35/Page

Live Interviews: $125/hr (2 hour minimum)
– A reporter will interview your guests
– We will provide a videographer & a professionally edited video: $599 + $110/hr of on site recording